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Joining MCS

You are welcome to join us for one session or for many. We ask you to commit to a full session when you join us, and attend rehearsals regularly. We hold open rehearsals for new members at the beginning of each session in September and January. We do not hold formal tryouts, but we may check your voice range. You can sing along with us for the month, and see how you fit with the group, and how the group fits with you. If you wish to continue beyond the first month, we ask you to pay dues and become a member.
We hold rehearsal at the Woburn Memorial High School on Tuesday nights from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. Please be ready to start on time each rehearsal. If you are coming for the first time, please come early so you can meet us, find your way around, and be ready to go at 7:30.
If you are ready to give us a try, sign up! Fill out the form and submit it, and that will give us a head start and save time at rehearsal.

We meet to enjoy the art of choral music and to provide enjoyment for the singers and for their audiences alike. Our repertoire is broad, and in any concert, you are apt to hear a diverse mixture of classical, pops, folk, jazz, and Broadway. Under our director Brian Gilbertie and our gifted accompanist, Sarah Lafontaine, we provide choral music that is fun and challenging, always entertaining, and superbly presented by a mature, well-balanced ensemble that really enjoys singing together. We always leave our audiences wanting more!

The Society currently offers concerts in December and May and supports civic and social functions such as Woburn's Festival on the Common. The group is also available for special occasions such as weddings.

The Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All expenses of the Mishawum Choral Society are met by member dues, by concert ticket sales, and by the patronage of sponsors.

From our beginnings in 1963 to the present, many singers and staff members have come and gone. We have rehearsed in various locations, usually in Woburn, and we have performed in various cities and towns in Middlesex and Essex counties. We currently sing our Christmas and Spring concerts at the Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church in Winchester, which was chosen for its fine acoustics and excellent support. We also appear annually at the Woburn Festival on the Common in the Christmas season and have supported various activities such as ecumenical services, weddings, and funerals. We will consider supporting any activity which can benefit from fine music.

Scroll through the slides to learn more about membership!

Who Should Join

The Mishawum Choral Society is a community chorus for experienced singers with a love of choral music who wish to rehearse and sing in our concerts. We give you the pleasure of enjoying fine music and knowing you are a part of a musical community - a team that enriches the life of all of us. We currently have about 50 members. We feature a variety of music from popular to classical. Our selections are fun and challenging for singers and entertaining and rewarding for audiences.

We look forward to inviting new members next year!

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