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The Mishawum Choral Society has been active since 1963, when some 20 to 30 singers from area choirs joined together to establish a concert chorus under the leadership of the late Rodney Mansfield. Our first concert was in 1964. We have been singing together and enjoying choral music ever since. Our members are drawn from many cities and towns in Middlesex and Essex counties.

We meet to enjoy the art of choral music and to provide enjoyment for the singers and for their audiences alike. Our repertoire is broad, and in any concert, you are apt to hear a diverse mixture of classical, pops, folk, jazz, and Broadway. Under our director Brian Gilbertie and our gifted accompanist, Sarah Lafontaine, we provide choral music that is fun and challenging, always entertaining, and superbly presented by a mature, well-balanced ensemble that really enjoys singing together. We always leave our audiences wanting more!

The Society currently offers concerts in December and May and supports civic and social functions such as Woburn's Festival on the Common. The group is also available for special occasions such as weddings.

The Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. All expenses of the Mishawum Choral Society are met by member dues, by concert ticket sales, and by the patronage of sponsors.

From our beginnings in 1963 to the present, many singers and staff members have come and gone. We have rehearsed in various locations, usually in Woburn, and we have performed in various cities and towns in Middlesex and Essex counties. We currently sing our Christmas and Spring concerts at the Crawford Memorial United Methodist Church in Winchester, which was chosen for its fine acoustics and excellent support. We also appear annually at the Woburn Festival on the Common in Christmas season and have supported various activities such as ecumenical services, weddings, and funerals. We will consider supporting any activity which can benefit from fine music.

If your name is on this list, please send an email to with a headshot photograph of yourself to display on this website!

Board Members

President - Brian Girouard

Treasurer - Leslie Barret

Chorus Manager - Amanda Anderson

Tech Director - Nathan Gonsalves

Members-At-Large - Peter Hobson / Tricia Elio

​Website Designer - Angeline Dziegrenuk

Music Directors 1963 - Present      

1963-1974    Rodney Mansfield
1974-1977    Donn Hill & Susan Hill
1977-1978    Wendell S. Purrington
1978-1982    Donn Hill & Susan Hill
1982-1995    Robert J. Hodgson, Jr.
1995-2003    Alice Johnson Hannon
2003-2011    Donn Hill
2011-2012    Sean Landers
Fall 2012      Donn Hill
2013-           Brian Gilbertie

Director & Accompanist

Director - Brian Gilbertie

Accompanist - Sarah Lafontaine

Accompanists 1963 - Present

1963-1972     Sally Mansfield
1973-1982     Margaret Sibley Butt
1982-1985     Barbara Stone
1985-1985     Pamela Wood Avedisian
1987-1991     Susan Shao
1991-1997     Yukiko Shimazaki
1997-2002     Thomas C. Lissey
2002-2004     Joseph W. Stroup
2004-2005     Brett Hinkel
2005-2008     Sarah Lafontaine
Fall 2008        Renelle Hebert
2009-             Sarah Lafontaine

Rehearsals at Woburn Memorial High School

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